University Foreign Relations Office


Welcome to University Foreign Relations Office (UFRO)

The Osmania University welcomes foreign students to its campus. It is a unique experience studying at this prestigious University. Hyderabad is the cultural capital not only of Telangana State, but of India as well. It has been known for its pursuit of educational excellence and a true representative of Indian culture, where the old mingles with the new; where change and continuity coexist, and modernity meets with tradition. The University has one of its most beautiful campuses in the country with its five constituent colleges.

Students have come to the land that hosts one of the oldest civilizations. Indian civilization has long been known for its tolerance and assimilation. It has been a unity in diversity; where the idea of civic nationalism is uppermost, Indians believe that guests have to be treated with great respect and we hope that you will also respect our culture and tradition in all its variety. It is this cultural pluralism that has sustained this great civilization making it a unique one as well. It is this uniqueness that helps all people, irrespective of colour, race and other physical differences, all of whom the state treats as equals. It is this celebration of diversity and multi-culturalism that has sustained this country as a great democratic experiment. Democracy has had its strong political and cultural roots. The Osmania University stands for all these values that this country stands for.

Students from all over the world are welcome here. We are happy to have these students whom we hope will become citizens of the world and as they go back to their countries as international representatives, carrying knowledge and wisdom from this ancient civilization and a young and modern State back to their countries. Back in their home countries these students will become the cultural ambassadors and representatives of global city of Hyderabad and India.